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Good, Clean Food is our commitment to finding the best ingredients — locally & regionally sourced and raised with respect for the environment, animals and farmers — to serve to you, “our community.”

As a family-owned restaurant, we understand the importance of quality ingredients. For two decades we have strived to fill your plates with all-natural products. We are proud to serve you Good, Clean Food.

The utilization of a farm-to-table concept with our produce allows us to offer products rich in nutrients and all the natural benefits of fresh products from hard working people here in our community. Our proteins are carefully selected with diligence & understanding of the necessity of freshness and cleanliness. The seafood found here at Venti’s is the highest of quality and all wild caught from the Pacific Northwest. We make an effort to accommodate dietary needs and the pursuit of healthy products by offering many gluten free friendly, vegetarian, and vegan options. We accomplish this by creating and producing many of our products with fresh ingredients here in our facilities. This process allows us to eliminate chemicals, additives, preservatives, hormones, GMOs, MSG & potentially harmful products from our food.

Live Salem

Since 1996 we, at Venti’s, have been committed to serving Salem with good, clean food. Our commitment and love for our city goes beyond our food and drinks. We understand the need to support local businesses and organizations. Through “Live Salem” we will partner with a local non-profit each month to promote a sustainable community.

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