Giveaway! – week ten of #VentisWinterChallenge is here: Stay active, win prizes!  Bike commuting is a great way to get your fit on during the winter months. A daily dash across town adds just enough adventure and stretch time to bring a smile to your face; a twinkle to your eye. But remember: safety first. Our top tips for an enjoyable and safe trip to and from work/school:
1) Be aware of your surroundings (i.e. cars, pedestrians, other cyclists, traffic signs)
2) Get off the main drag. Zigging and zagging through neighborhoods is a great way to 1) see more, and 2) minimize traffic interaction.
3) Be visible: be sure to have a headlight, taillight, and high-visibility reflective gear.
4) Stay dry: fenders are a great way to curb the spray upward–keeping your legs and backside nice and dry.
5) Smile! Adulting doesn’t always allow time for complete giddiness. Indulge and embrace your kid-like spirit.  This stuff is awesome!
To participate in this week’s challenge, like or comment this post. This week’s winner will receive cool “see and be seen” prizes from The Bike Peddler, including: a Rainbow Rex retro-reflective decal set and cycling cap, plus a Serfas headlight. Winner will be randomly selected on <Insert date> Be safe and happy biking!