If you’d like to make a reservation or secure space for a large party at Venti’s South, located at 2840 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302, contact 



Our downtown expansion created space for you to host your party, luncheon or meeting! Gather and enjoy our new street-level bar or our cozy basement bar! Contact for details! Venti’s Downtown is located at 325 Court St NE, Salem, OR 97301.
NOTE: Reservations available at Venti’s Downtown Sunday-Thursday only. We do not accept reservations downtown on weekends.

Buffet Service

Menu items and pricing subject to vary. 72-hour notice. Contact or call 503-391-5100 for details.
$16 per person
20 – 150 people
72-hour notice
18% service charge
Delivery: Available to deliver within Salem; delivery charge based on destination.

Choice of two: chicken, beef, organic non-GMO tofu
Choice of two: white rice, brown rice, basmati rice, yakisoba noodles
Choose one: steamed vegetables, fresh garden salad
Drinks: Canned soda (regular, diet or sprite) or bottled water $1.25 ea; Beer: To go bottled beers & draft beer service available.

* Buffet service comes with choice of two bottled sauces. Choose from teriyaki, sweet & sour, sweet chili, spicy peanut sauce, hot sri racha (rooster sauce), soy sauce, ultra hot chili garlic. Additional bottles are $7 each.

Signature Venti Platters

Menu items and pricing subject to vary. 24-hour notice. Contact or call 503-391-5100 for details.

Hummus & Veggie Platter
Pita and tzatziki
$45 – serves 12-15

The Wing Tray
(heat & serve)
Crispy chicken wings with your choice of dipping sauce.
BBQ (hm)(v) •  Ranch (g)(hm) • Sweet Chili (g)(v) 
Peanut Sauce (v) • Chili Garlic (g)(v) 
Teriyaki (v) • Sriacha (g)(v) • Tzatziki  (g)(hm)
(g) = gluten free;  (hm) = house made;  (v) = vegan

Chips & Guacamole Platter
Fresh fried corn chips, house recipe pico & guacamole —  add cool creamy queso +$4
$28 serves 10-12

Venti’s Mezza Platter
A generous portion of Venti’s hummus & tzatziki, served w/ cucumber spears, carrots, marinated red onions, kalamata olives, feta cheese & grilled pita  — add falafel +$10
$50 serves 12-15