If you’d like to make a reservation or secure space for a large party at Venti’s South, located at 2840 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302, contact or call 503-391-5100 for details!



Our downtown expansion created space for you to host your party, luncheon or meeting! Gather and enjoy our new street-level bar or our cozy basement bar! Contact or call 503-399-8733 for details! Venti’s Downtown is located at 325 Court St NE, Salem, OR 97301.
NOTE: Reservations available at Venti’s Downtown Sunday-Thursday only. We do not accept reservations downtown on weekends.

Buffet Service

Menu items and pricing subject to vary. 72-hour notice. Contact or call 503-391-5100 for details.
$16 per person
20 – 150 people
72-hour notice
18% service charge
Delivery: Available to deliver within Salem; delivery charge based on destination.

Choice of two: chicken, beef, organic non-GMO tofu
Choice of two: white rice, brown rice, basmati rice, yakisoba noodles
Choose one: steamed vegetables, fresh garden salad
Drinks: Canned soda (regular, diet or sprite) or bottled water $1.25 ea; Beer: To go bottled beers & draft beer service available.

* Buffet service comes with choice of two bottled sauces. Choose from teriyaki, sweet & sour, sweet chili, spicy peanut sauce, hot sri racha (rooster sauce), soy sauce, ultra hot chili garlic. Additional bottles are $7 each.

Signature Venti Platters

Menu items and pricing subject to vary. 24-hour notice. Contact or call 503-391-5100 for details.

Hummus & Veggie Platter
Pita and tzatziki
$45 – serves 12-15

The Wing Tray
(heat & serve)
Crispy chicken wings with your choice of dipping sauce.
BBQ (hm)(v) •  Ranch (g)(hm) • Sweet Chili (g)(v) 
Peanut Sauce (v) • Chili Garlic (g)(v) 
Teriyaki (v) • Sriacha (g)(v) • Tzatziki  (g)(hm)
(g) = gluten free;  (hm) = house made;  (v) = vegan

Chips & Guacamole Platter
Fresh fried corn chips, house recipe pico & guacamole —  add cool creamy queso +$4
$28 serves 10-12

Venti’s Mezza Platter
A generous portion of Venti’s hummus & tzatziki, served w/ cucumber spears, carrots, marinated red onions, kalamata olives, feta cheese & grilled pita  — add falafel +$10
$50 serves 12-15